Time to Welcome New Vendors to the Market

Posted on September 02, 2011 by Corey Alderdice

With the start of a new season comes several fresh faces to SpeechGeek Market.  Take a moment to check out these companies and their services.

PFDebate -- Publisher of the weekly Crossfire Briefs in, you guessed it, Public Forum Debate.

The RFD Files -- Briefs in both UIL and NFL Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

The "How to" of Debate -- Accessible and useful textbook for novice policy debaters and coaches.

The Market now numbers over twenty vendors with products for every forensics event.  If there's some resource we don't offer that you'd like to see, let us know!

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Snag "The 'How to' of Debate" for Only $10

Posted on September 02, 2011 by Corey Alderdice

This policy debate textbook takes students from complete beginners to knowledgeable intermediates in 15 easy chapters (124 pages + full index). 

The book begins with a non-threatening introduction to basic skills, such as flowing, speaking, and researching. Beginners will learn the core idea of parametrics theory in the chapters on cases and plans. 

Building on this foundation, novices will easily see the logic of each negative position (CP, DA, K, T). Intermediate debaters will find the checklists of affirmative responses to each position invaluable "cheat sheets". 

The final chapters give guidance for judge adaptation, working with a partner, and getting the most out of practice rounds. The style of this book is readable, using proper terminology without excess jargon. 

The author, Russell Hanes, was an eight-year policy debater and has been coaching debate for the last decade.

Pick up your digital copy today for only $10.

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"You Are Your Own Best Thing"

Posted on May 30, 2011 by Corey Alderdice

Speech and Debate: Oprah's Gateway to Success

by Caroline Kitchener

"You are your own best thing."

This was the message that defined the twenty-five years of The Oprah Show, which aired its final broadcast Wednesday night. But these words -- while important -- are not unique or revolutionary. So what was it about Oprah saying them that spurred a multi-million dollar media phenomenon that includes a talk show, a magazine, and now a television network?

This weekend, I will join thousands of high school students in Washington, D.C. for the national speech and debate tournament. Oprah attended this same national tournament almost forty years ago -- an experience she claims made the difference between a quiet, personal idea and a resounding message that was broadcast around the world for 25 years.

A high school activity with the power to change lives

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