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Foundation Briefs 2017-18 PF Subscription

By Foundation Briefs

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Please note the Foundation Briefs subscription begins with the October PF topic and concludes with the NSDA Nationals release.

Subscribe now to lock in a year's worth of success. For just $150 you get the Advanced level briefs for the entire year. That means you get two free briefs over the 8 topics. 

We will email you the brief the day it is completed, twelve days after the NSDA releases each topic.


Streamlined Organization: You won’t waste any time looking for what you 
need. We also provide short descriptions of the authors and organizations of sources so that you won't waste time in round debating your source's credibility.

Superb Analysis: A greater commitment to analysis of every aspect in the debate.

Elite Sources: Foundation Briefs has expanded its access to academic journals and premium sources no other company uses.

General Topic Analysis—This will give you a direction of the topic, situate you within the debate, and provide a needed lens to approach the topic.

Cut Evidence—This is the backbone of our brief, all the evidence you could ever need to debate a topic. And it’s not redundant.

Argument Analysis—We provide a thorough analysis of how our evidence fits into the overall debate.

Advanced Brief Only:

Counters—Our counters will provide you with the evidence and argumentation you need to over come the most frequently used arguments.

Sample Contentions—The six sample contentions from Foundation Briefs will show you how we put our evidence to work.

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