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Foundation Briefs September/October 2017 PF Brief

By Foundation Briefs

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The very best just got better.

For $30 you receive the Advanced Level brief which features unique contentions and invaluable counters to many of the major points we expect you to see throughout the month. However, you can downgrade to the Standard Level brief if you only want the evidence you need to succeed. While you lose the contentions and counters, you also only pay $20 for the best evidence on the market.

What’s new:

Reflecting the customer service you’ll receive with Foundation Briefs, the company embarked on a massive customer outreach study to listen to what makes a brief useful to students and coaches. They listened—and brought the brief to a whole new level.

  • Streamlined Organization: You won’t waste any time looking for what you need.
  • Superb Analysis: A greater commitment to analysis of every aspect in the debate.
  • Elite Sources: Foundation Briefs has expanded its access to academic journals and premium sources no other company uses.

What you’ll get:

  • General Topic Analysis—This will give you a direction of the topic, situate you within the debate, and provide a needed lens to approach the topic.
  • Cut Evidence—This is the backbone of our brief, all the evidence you could ever need to debate a topic. And it’s not redundant.
  • General Argument Analysis—We provide a thorough analysis of how our evidence fits into the overall debate.
  • Counters—Our counters will provide you with the evidence and argumentation you need to over come the most frequently used arguments.
  • Sample Contentions—The sample contentions from Foundation Briefs will show you how we would suggest putting our evidence to work.
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