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Point. Click. Teach. - Elementary Theatre / Creative Drama

By Spirit Productions

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This course is designed as a blueprint for instructors who may or may not be theatre specialists. Numerous teacher-led activities are balanced with structured progressive lessons. Concise grading rubrics are provided, based upon TEKS and national standards.

This program offers a wealth of activities suitable for a specialized drama class, an after-school program, or a home school setting. Specific content related to drama is presented in a "kid friendly" way, making learning fun. Confidence building, teamwork, problem solving, and strategic thinking are employed in a playful yet structured environment. Many lessons can be adapted for use in core subjects such as social studies, language arts, and science for enhanced student engagement and retention.
The use of storytelling, creative movement, improvisation, and pantomime employs multiple learning styles to develop 21st century skills of creativity, communication, and cooperation.

Point. Click. Teach.™
Is a comprehensive set of teaching materials available in various subjects with unique lessons designed for EACH theatre course offered.  Full year courses include worksheets, rubrics, handouts, project guidelines, detailed assignment descriptions. Assignments were developed by a veteran teacher and meet TEKS and national standards. Ideal for programs which are heavily production oriented, these resources enhance student accountability and teacher organization and evaluation of group activities/projects. 

  • Developed by Spirit Productions owner Karen Baker
  • 25 years’ experience teaching Theatre & Oral Interpretation
  • 9-Time State Championship Play Director, NFL Diamond coach
  • All materials were tested and honed on actual children in the real world.


  • All documents are editable: modify, print, copy for students.
  • Structured, memorized, acting projects with student instructions.
  • A full year of assignment sheets, handouts, and rubrics.
  • Materials deliver subject content as well as hands on activities.
  • Lessons integrate Theatre History with performance.
  • Incorporates contemporary actor-training concepts:

           Hagen, GOTE, 12 Guideposts, objectives/action verbs

  • Forms for everything!

            Assignment sheets, handouts, worksheets, tests, rubrics, project guidelines

  • Specific script suggestions for assignments.
  • Structured process forms for writing original scripts.
  • Rich Text Format compatible with IBM or Mac.
  • Developed by a veteran teacher during 25 years in the classroom.
  • Materials meet TEKS and national standards for every unique course level.
  • When printed, each fills a binder with ready-to-use resources.

Point. Click. Teach.™ products are offered in the subject modules listed below. Each subject module is delivered in a zip file which, if printed, offers a teacher resource book that fills a two inch 3-ring binder.  Assignments are grouped in Unit Folders by content/concept/project. Specific scope and sequence is to be determined by the individual teacher.


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