Beyond Resolved: A Public Forum Debate Manual for Debaters and Coaches

By Beyond Resolved

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From the perspective of a coach, judge, and debater, Beyond Resolved explains the workings of Public Forum debate. This is more than a manual for basic concepts such as Cases and Rebuttal. Beyond Resolved is written for debaters of all levels, whether you want to learn about Delivery or more advanced topics like Framework and Judge Adaptation. You will learn how to think about each aspect of Public Forum and put these ideas into practice. Each chapter discusses how the speech or skill integrates into the round, how to practice and perform, and why these skills are necessary to great debating.

Beyond Resolved puts the knowledge into your hands. This manual will help you work toward becoming a better debater, or help you more successfully coach debaters.

The Manual dedicates 200 pages to everything Public Forum: the Speeches, Delivery, Flowing, Framework, Partnering, Strategy, and more. It will help you learn not only how to debate, but how to understand Public Forum so that you can debate better.

This is a print-only product. There are no digital downloads available for this item. Your book will be shipped 48-72 hours after the order is received.

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