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Foundation Briefs NSDA 2017 Advanced LD Brief

By Foundation Briefs

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The Foundation Briefs edge.

For $25 you receive the Advanced Level brief which features unique contentions and invaluable counters to many of the major points we expect you to see throughout the month. However, you can downgrade to the Standard Level brief if you only want the evidence you need to succeed. While you lose the contentions and counters, you also only pay $20 for the best evidence on the market. 

The highest quality content.  

Foundation Briefs strongly believes that the quality of the argument wins a debate--not quantity of evidence.  Two hundred pages of superfluous quotes do not make a case. Instead, Foundation Briefs includes only the most pertinent and convincing evidence. Each argument is broken down into the central point, relevant and concise evidence, and compelling analysis that links back to the value debate.  Foundation Briefs delivers the most comprehensive, in-depth, and unique arguments that simply cannot be beat. 

The tools you need to build your case. From resolution analysis, to core value and criterion pairs, to the best arguments and evidence out there, Foundation Briefs gives you every tool you need to write a winning case.

    The Brief:

    Topic overview: We break down the core philosophical issues of each topic as well as definitions for all the key terms. Foundation Briefs will help you establish a solid framework for your case.  


    Core value/criterion pairs: Finding a suitable value premise is often the hardest part of writing a case. Foundation Briefs makes it easy with a list of core value/criterion pairs on both sides of the topic. Every pair comes with an in depth description and extensive analysis.

    Cut evidence: We provide ample amounts of useful and relevant evidence from the most respected sources. We don’t waste your time with vague and repetitive information like our competitors.

    Sample cases: Every brief comes with 3 full-length affirmative cases and 3 negative cases. Strong rhetoric, insightful analysis, and the most persuasive evidence—cut to fit within the time limit so you can start debating right when you get the brief.

    Counters: One step ahead of your competitors—with our counters you will already know the opponent’s next move.
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