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The Forensics Files: NSDA PF Debate File September/October 2021

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NFL Public Forum Debate files are exclusively created by a former debate champion who qualified twice and advanced to out rounds both times at NFL Nationals.

In each file we guarantee:

-Four Cases - Unlike most other companies’ files, ours are “cut for time” so that students can read them in the given speech time, preparing them for the conditions of an actual LD debate. This allows students of all experience to make immediate use of the files for practice debates. Our files contain cases with original analysis and are designed to be progressive enough for modern debate while embracing the spirit of classic debate to appeal to a maximum number of judges. Each case comes with their own preflow to reduce the amount of practice time spent preflowing and to spend more practice time debating.

-Topic Overview - Specific and comprehensive analysis of the topic, cases, and strategies both sides can use while discussing arguments they will need to address.

-50 Additional Cards – Extensions are included from books, journals, law reviews, magazines, and think tanks that any debater could use to write their own cases, supplement the cases we offer, or to write blocks.

-Blocks – Our files also contain pre written blocks students can immediately use against common arguments.

Our files contain everything a student needs to start debating immediately so they can master the event sooner and win faster. Unlike quote books, our files are original, educational, and functional. You cannot get better files than The Forensics Files!

PFD files are released within one week from the date of topic release in PDF format. If the file is already published you will be able to download the file via your email confirmation link.


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