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What is forensics?

To put it simply, forensics is competitive speech and debate. Needless to say, if you’re not a Speech Geek, then you’re first guess was something related to the tv show C.S.I. That’s okay, because if I had a nickel for every time someone asked me if forensics has something to do with dead bodies, let’s just say I’d have a lot of nickels.

To give you a more textbook example of the forensic world, Don Faules, Richard Rieke, and Jach Rhodes book Directing Forensics describes the activity:

Forensics is an educational activity primarily concerned with using an argumentative perspective in examining problems and communicating with people…Forensics activities, including debate and individual events (public address and oral interpretation of literature) , are laboratories for helping students to understand and communicate various forms of arguments more effectively in a variety of contexts with a variety of audiences.

Are the judges ready?

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Absolutely! Here's the information you might need.

How do I download products?

Most products are available for download upon completion of the checkout process. Some products, such as subscriptions, provide a file that explains how products are emailed from their respective vendors. 
Near-instant delivery of our products i handled through Fetch.  Customers will receive an email with the subject line "Downloads for SpeechGeek Market Order ####."  While the majority of orders are delivered in a matter of minutes, some orders take up to an hour for delivery.  If you have not received your product after an hour, please send us an email.  Because school email system can be particularly sensitive to outside message or those with links, please ensure messages from notifications@fetchapp.com are not filtered as spam.

I ordered a printed product.  When will it ship?

Orders of physical/printed goods can take up to two weeks to ship when Ground shipping is selected.  Orders placed for Priority Shipping will ship in no more than three business days after the order was placed.  Orders placed for Express Shipping will ship within 24 hours via USPS Express Mail.  Please note Express does not guarantee next-day delivery to all locations.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

For online orders, we accept credit card payments and PayPal. Customers wishing to pay for purchases via check or school purchase order, should use our printable order form.

Why do I have a charge from SpeechGeek on my credit card?

SpeechGeek is the corporate parent of SpeechGeek Market. Along with Extemp Central and 4n6 Apps, the four elements make up the SpeechGeek family of forensics websites and coaching resources.

What if I'm not happy with the product? Do you offer refunds or returns?

Before purchasing debate briefs and interp scripts, we encourage you to check out back issues of our products or previews. Many of our vendors offer older briefs at no cost. Some interp publishers offer previewsThis should give you an idea of the style, tone, and quality of each product. Once purchased we do not offer refunds because our products are downloadable, but if you are not pleased email us. We want to keep your business, so email us with any problems. Subscription services cannot be cancelled.
Do I have to perform the interp scripts in the events you have them labeled as? 
The answer depends on the rules of the organization governing your tournament. Scripts published by SpeechGeek fall under the following events: Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Prose, and Poetry. Humorous, Dramatic, and Duo Interpretation scripts are considered plays or monologues. Our Prose Interpretation selections are short stories or essays and our Poetry selections are groups of poems. This means that a script labeled as a Humorous Interpretation could also be performed as a Duo. Additionally, if an organization allows both short stories and plays to be used for Dramatic Interpretation, then a piece labeled as Prose could be performed in D.I. as well. 
I see that you have "Digital Only" and "Digital + Print" options for interp scripts. Is there a "Print Only" option? 
Unfortunately, there isn't. Our store system is set up to require a digital file with purchases. However, if you should ever misplace your digital copy we are happy to help you restore your purchased files. (Just make sure you keep your order number!) 
How do I know if I need the "Digital Only" or the "Digital + Print" option? 
If you are attending a tournament that requires verification of interpretation materials, check with the organizational rules. As digital publishing becomes more prevalent, different organizations are adapting and updating their expectations. Both SpeechGeek and Mushroom Cloud Press are recognized as online publishing resources by the National Speech and Debate Association (formerly known as the National Forensic League). SpeechGeek and Mushroom Cloud Press are happy to provide you with the necessary verification information for digital scripts, just let us know. 
There's a particular script that I want, but I only see it in collections of scripts. Is there a way I can buy that one script? 
Unfortunately, there isn't. Our ISBNs and ISSNs are assigned to publications, not the individual pieces contained within. 
I have a question that isn't listed on this page. What should I do? 
Just send an e-mail to market@speechgeek.com. We're happy to be of assistance!
I’m double entered. May I please go to my next round?

Of course you may. Best of luck.

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