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2014-15 Foundation Briefs Extemp Subscription

By Foundation Briefs

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This is the ultimate subscription for anybody looking to take their extemp to the next level with unique perspectives, complete coverage and in-depth analysis. For just $175 you are covered for the 2014-15 season and get:

1500 highlighted, organized and varied articles from the best sources.
600 practice questions to refine your abilities.
30 news summaries so that each week you will never come across an unfamiliar issue.
30 in-depth topic analyses, originally authored to give you insight into how to critically evaluate a pressing current event.

How do we give you all of these great features? Simple and easy: each week we release an update on a password-protected webpage where you can go and download the components to the subscription. That means each week you get:

50 articles, 25 for each national and foreign.
20 practice questions, 10 fore each national and foreign.
A news summary covering both national and foreign.
A topic analysis, that alternates every other week between national and foreign.

Coach after coach (and students) have told us how revolutionary this product is. Now, students can spend time being better speakers rather than searching for and filing articles.

Subscribing to all of these features, rather than the individual component subscriptions, will give you substantial savings.

This subscription begins on the week of Oct 1 and ends on June 3.

Please note, we do not publish an update on the following weeks:

Nov 26
Dec 24
Apr 15
Apr 29
May 13
May 27
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