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Closeout Files Public Forum 2010-2011 Season Subscription

By Closeout Files

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The Closeout Files are the only Public Forum Debate handbook of its kind. Unlike all other briefs, the Closeout Files focus not only on excellent evidence, but also on critical analysis and advanced preparation materials that can only be found here. Feel confident using the comprehensive information of the Closeout Files whether you are competing at either the national or local level. The thorough analysis, evidence, and reasoning materials of the Closeout Files combine to create the most effective means of preparation possible.

While most handbooks focus almost solely on excessive and redundant amounts of evidence, the Closeout Files contain evidence as well as multiple sections targeted to supplement statistics and facts. From experience we understand that evidence can only get teams so far; therefore, the materials in the Closeout Files also focus on the analysis and reasoning needed for winning. Each issue is specialized and unique to the monthly NFL Public Forum topic. The evidence in the Closeout Files is specifically gathered for each topic and only contains essential information to be used in a round. We are delighted to supply numerous features that can only be found at the Closeout Files thus creating the only one of a kind Public Forum Debate handbook.


-Introduction to the topic with helpful background information.

-Pro/Con Analysis that uses evidence and explanations to from points that can be used for your cases.

-Analysis Blocks to be used as responses to the points that you’re most likely to encounter debating.

-Crossfire Help from experts with suggestions about how to approach debating and stun your opponents.

-Extensive Evidence in the format of cut cards with links to original articles to continue your research.

If you purchase the subscription you receive all NFL Files, including the National topic file.

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