Coaching Speech from CDE


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 A wonderful book for both beginning and experienced coaches. From a first section full of "how to coach..." chapters to the last chapters on retirement, burn out, and how to defend the program you've built this is a tremendous book with a plethora of great uses.

Think you know it all? You've really just started and this book will move you to the next level... or help you find a better reality for what you do.

Chapters & Sections in "Coaching Speech"
1. Introduction
2. A First Look
3. Building Relationships with Administration
4. Decoding Forensic Slang
5. Coaching Oral Interpretation
6. An Introduction to Oratory
7. Coaching Extemp
8. Coaching Impromptu
9. Understanding Public Address Events
10. An Introduction top Lincoln Douglas Debate
11. Publicity and Recruiting
12. Practice Schedule
13. Identifying and Evaluating the "Unwritten Rules" of Competition

Part Two: Coach as Teacher and Mentor
14. Of Endings and Beginnings
15. The Coach as Mentor
16. Some Advice to New Coaches
17. Burned Out...

Part Three: I Have to Coach How Many Events? Help.
18. Peer Coaching
19. Finding Coaching Help
20. Building An Endowment

Part Four: Special Insight on Special Problems
21. Forensic Coaches and the Law
22. Family... Women in the Trenches
23. Starting a Team
24. Forensics... and the SAT
25. In Defense of the Competitive Speech
26. Facing A Retirement Bubble

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