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Debate Doctors LD Briefs January/February 2016

By Debate Doctors

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All briefs come with resolution analysis and suggestions on approaches for constructing cases. LD Briefs come with the value and criterion philosophy explained and documented so that the debater understands not only the contentions, but the logic behind the values. Additionally, we do not restrict ourselves to the “core values” of utilitarianism, social contract, justice, equality, etc. In addition to these values you might find us using pluralism, well-ordered society, or even process. Our cases offer fresh as well as more traditional approaches to provide the debater with the best possible position in the debate round.

The file includes resolution analysis, two fully developed Aff cases and two fully developed Neg positions ready to debate, and extension evidence in our answers section.

All files will be downloadable if they are published or they will be emailed to you upon publication from Debate Doctors if you pre-order the file. If the file is pre-ordered or you purchase a subscription, you will receive your subscriptions upon release from Debate Doctors via email.

Briefs will be released approximately 15 days after a new topic is announced. 

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