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Internet Research by CDE


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A serious “How TO” that teaches you the simple and the advanced tools to find anything on the web. Well illustrated (and that makes it so much easier to understand what you can do). 160 pages. 

(1) Finding things 
(2) Using Your Tool Bar 
(3) Search Tips 
(4) Research Strategy 
(5) Boolean (connector words) 
(6) Metasearches 
(7) Selecting search engines 
(8) Advanced Searches 
(9) Creating a Search Strategy 
(10) Finding the best Websites 
(11) Using General Subject Directories 
(12) How To Find Specific Topic Directories 
(13) The CDE Internet Tutorial 
(14) The Principles of Smart Searching 
(15) Invisible Web Gateways 
(16) Internet Resources For Teachers 
(17) Gray Literature 
(18) Deep Web Search Engines 
(19) Researching Specific Fields
(20) Subject Tracers 
(21) Glossary 
(22) Self-Quiz

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