Mushroom Cloud Press -- The Complete Collection

Mushroom Cloud Press -- The Complete Collection

By Mushroom Cloud Press

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98 great forensics scripts at more than 60% Off the cover price!  It's an unbeatable deal!

Mushroom Cloud Press is proud to offer its complete collection of scripts in electronic form.  With over ten years of experience publishing for the forensics world, MCPress offers the most successful, most diverse array of scripts available in speech & debate.  There are comedies, dramas, duos and monologues for every performer on your team, novices and veterans alike.  And of course, ten plays by the all-time forensics master, Clyde Hendrickson, are included. 

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This great deal provides your team with an instant library of winning pieces, at a price of less than $1.50 per script. Laughter and tears, hope and heartbreak, it's all here in our tournament-winning plays by astoundingly talented authors.

Best of all, your purchase includes a Lifetime Subscription to all of our plays - everything we publish, delivered automatically to your e-mail as soon as it's available, at no extra charge

You won't find better comedies, dramas, and duos for your forensics competitors or better characters for them to interpret anywhere else. So don't hesitate, get success delivered instantly to your inbox from Mushroom Cloud Press!

Mushroom Cloud Press is an officially approved vendor of electronic scripts for NSDA Competitions. Any script you download from our site is legal for competition in the NSDA and in affiliated leagues, and comes with instructions on how to verify your purchase. 

With over fifteen years of experience publishing for the forensics world, Mushroom Cloud Press offers the most successful, most diverse array of scripts available in speech & debate. There are comedies, dramas, duos and monologues for every performer on your team, novices and veterans alike. And of course, all the plays by the all-time forensics master, Clyde Hendrickson, are included.

List of Scripts Included

New for 2016:
The Duffing of Eunice Powell by Tracy Winters
Space Cadets by Brandon Daley
Bad Detective by Brandon Daley
Living in Color by Andrew Messer & Jake Nyberg
The Bright Side of Death by Carlos Mayas
Miss Erma Deveraux’s School for Civilized Young Ladies by Clint Snyder
Cavegirl Teaches Evolution by Clint Snyder
The Emancipation of Mister Tinkles by Clint Snyder
The Lore of the D-Rings by Elijah Sams
Macaroni on a Hotdog by Sandra Thomas
Son of Scrap Iron by Sandra Thomas
The Way to the Tree of Life by Shauna Wessely

Black Fedora by Ray Nesrym and Daniel Smedema
Finding Ryan by Dave Cameron
The Merchandise King by Clyde Hendrickson
Girls by Jason Chou
iWant by Mann Hoff
Physically Impossible by Josh Cohen
Snow White & The Gucci Stilettos by B. L. Houchen
Depressed White Girl: World's Worst DI by Brandon Daley
Penny and The Adventure of Tickle Me Elmo by JJ Allen
Mary Choppins by Frank Joseph
Little Suzy Sues God for All He's Worth by Brandon Daley
The Bo Show by Betty Gerard
Virtually Dateable by Josh Cohen
William Shakespeare's Jersey Shore by Hank Frederick
Moonraker by Marissa Molchansky
The AnyThing by Hank Frederick
Single White Female by Kaitlin McCoshen
Rhymes with Orange by Lauren Bouchard 
Sarah’s Excellent Adventure with a Glowing Orb by Lawson Powers
A Girl's Guide to Science by Clyde Hendrickson
Mother-Daughter Dialogues by Clyde Hendrickson
Girl in the Picture by Taylor Shann
The Ultimate Drama by Garlock & Taylor
Good Morning, Glory! by Ryan N. Ray
Unfunny by Mike Beede
Beauty Boot Camp by Marissa Malloy 
Locked Away by Martin Aloia
Audacity of Nope by Josh Cohen
B*tman & R*bin by Olaf Oggleson
The Council of Doom by Taylor Shann
Camp by Frank Joseph
Beneath the Puppet Stand by Mike Beede
Sesame: Life on the Street by Andrew Messer
Great Ideas by Lawrence Atkinson
Table for Two, Party of Four by Andrew Messer
The City Morgue's 2nd Annual Take Your Daughter to Work Day by Brandon Daley
Investigator Q by J. J. Allen
Jerry: Wizarding-School Dropout by Brandon Daley
Kid in Control by Josh Cohen
Ridgeville Elementary School's Extremely Talinted Show by Matthew Yasuoka
Gerald the Life-Sized Talking Spork by Spill Major
New Leash on Life by Brady Mueller
Calvin Coolidge vs. The Dinosaurs by Clyde Hendrickson
The Disappointing Son by Clyde Hendrickson
13 Things You Don't Know About Swans by Clyde Hendrickson
Dr. Wilderness by Clyde Hendrickson
Hot Dog Time Machine by Alan McGuire
Hamilton Sasquatch by Jeffery Longval and Kagan Hatch
Ho Ho Ho! by Taylor Shann
May the Best Man Win by Max Alanson
Front Porch Chronicles by Sydney Ryan
Everyone's Gonna Die by Clyde Hendrickson
Everything Falls Off by Clyde Hendrickson
Everyone’s Still Dead by Dudley Rental
Luigi and Mario by Ray Nesrym
The Principals of Drugs by Lawson Powers
Shrinkage by Andrew Messer
Post Inferno by Spill Major
Duck Surgeon by Dudley Rental
The Altos by Clyde Hendrickson
Overcooked by Paul Owen
Face Baggage by Nick Monroy
Buds with Spuds by Frank Cernik
Countdown to Love by Andrew Messer
THE GR8 TXT MSG WAR by Hank Frederick
The Assistant by Don Trickseven
STOP! by Ray Nesrym
Countdown to Love by Andrew Messer
Minnesota by Spill Major
4-0 by Taylor Shann
Child's Play by Alyssa Zaczek
My Perfect Feet by Andy Hobin
History Lesson by Don Trickseven
Taller To-day by Edith Kirkby
Red God by Kevin Bushek and Bronne Bruzgo
Brothers by David Cameron
The Yearbook by Josh Danz
No Longer the First by Josh Danz
How to Ride a Motorcycle Badly by Clint Snyder
Sister of Mercy by Clyde Hendrickson
Time of Our Lives by Dustin Guzior & Agatha Valenti
God, If You're Really Out There by Cynthia Riebesell
My Tiny Dancer's Hands by Cynthia Riebesell
A New World by Gabriella Diaz
Nice Boy by Alyssa Zaczek
How to Eat Cat Food with Dignity by Clint Snyder
The Elephant in the Room by Clint Snyder
 - All the plays listed on this site!

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