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Paradigm Research-LD Champions Package

By Paradigm Research

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The LD Champion Package includes: The NFL LD Topic Analysis Subscription, LD Road Guide, Coaching for Success in LD, All 6 Handbooks of Moral and Political Philosophy, and all 6 LD Positions.


Approximately 60 pages each.

Paradigm presents the most popular LD topic handbooks anywhere - featuring strategic examinations of regular season NFL LD topics rooted in the professional topic literature.


Our editor introduces you to the topic research with a cogent consideration of the historical background of the topic and important challenges presented by the field contextual literature.


The research in our topic analyses is always on-point. It’s targeted to identifying choice affirmative and negative positions and orientating debaters to all the key controversies of each regular season topic.


These expert commentaries prepared fresh at the moment of each topic announcement feature concise commentary from the topic literature and winning advice by LD experts. Each edition is a complete resource, a unique assessment of the field literature associated with each new topic, and a refreshingly approachable explanation of the strategic issues as they relate to LD debate. Feature rich and well known for timeliness in delivery and precision in viewpoint - these manuals are the key prep tool for all LD coaches and debaters.


Each topic analysis will be released no later than 15 days after the topic announcement.

4 regular season NFL LD topics:

- September/October

- November/December

- January/February

- March/April


182 pages

The LD Road Guide presents step-by-step directions for acquiring the key skills needed to succeed at all levels of LD debate. This unique and informative guide to success in LD debate discusses every skill needed to succeed at every level of the activity – from research to cross-examination. It includes the insider tips that will help all debaters design successful strategies and an extensive literature review of many of the most popular arguments in LD debate. The nationally popular Road Guide includes essays on key LD skills, sample annotated affirmative and negative cases, and three complete annotated debates. Each will be presented to exhibit a specific skill level: beginner, intermediate and advanced - a super way to see how arguments progress step-by-step from one level of LD debate to the next! You'll also find an extensive discussion of design and execution of LD strategy, research bibliographies assembled specifically for this volume, and extended coverage of the tricks and strategies of successful research. Specific tactical advice will help you master the key LD SKILLS (Logic, case writing, topic analysis, and more), EXECUTION TECHNIQUES (Speaking, cross-examination, and more), and ARGUMENT STRATEGIES (Values - liberty, equality, dignity, and more - Systems - legitimacy, categorical imperative, social contract, democracy, and more). An instant favorite stock resource of the entire LD community.


138 pages

An easy-to-follow introduction to the skills that will help coaches prepare their debaters to compete at all levels of LD debate. Includes activities created especially for this edition that will help all debaters acquire key LD skills. This edition will enable all debate administrators to acquire and sharpen their skills in several key-coaching roles - as team leader, facilitator, counselor and director. Each lesson includes detailed notes, clear objectives, and suggested variations for customizing the strategies to fit programs of all sizes. This is a blueprint to help you construct or renovate your LD program with a sound foundation in research, case writing, rebuttal prep, philosophy curriculum tips, and much more. If successful LD coaching is your objective, this expert advice is the perfect starting point.


A concise introduction and hundreds of indexed quotations on each seminal body of philosophy.

Basic Moral Philosophies (834 cards)

Deontology vs. Consequentialism, Kant, Utilitarianism, and more.

Contemporary Political Philosophies (959 cards)

General Rights, Rawls, Marxism, Feminism, Communitarianism, and more.

Social Contract Theories (896 cards)

Contracts/critiques: Rousseau, Hume, Rawls, Hobbes, Locke, Hegel, and more.

Plato & Aristotle (623 cards)

Contemporary ethics and politics driven by the two great thinkers.

Postmodern Ethics & Politics (848 cards)

Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida, Lyotard, and Rorty.

Classic American Thought (719 cards)

Emerson, Thoreau, De Tocqueville, the Federalists, and more.


Essay-driven discussions of huge bodies of philosophy. As a review of the basics and as your study partner while reading the original works, you'll find them a perfect balance of rudiment and detail.

Contractual Justice (78 pages)

Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Narveson and Rousseau. Sample case: “that violent revolution is justified as response to political oppression.”

Distributive Justice (79 pages)

Rawls and his critics Nozick and Sandel. Sample case: “that government provision of welfare to the poor ought to be valued above individual economic freedoms.”

Rights and Equality (90 pages)

Non-contractual theories of rights from the classic Mill to modern treatments from Hayek, Feinberg, Shue's theories of human rights and Critical Race Theory. Sample case: “that individual expressive freedoms ought to be limited by a concern for cultural sensitivity.”

Deontology (72 pages)

Kant’s morals and politics of his moral thought and Gewirth's that closely resemble Kant's. Sample case: “that the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.”

Utilitarianism (78 pages) - $25

Classic works of Bentham and Mill and the modern work of Singer. Sample case “that the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.”

Democratic Thought (79 pages)

The Federalists, De Tocqueville, and pluralist democrats (e.g. Dahl) versus critics of pluralism (e.g. Schattschneider). Sample case: “that mandatory term limitations for US legislators are justified.”

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