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Paradigm Research LD Positions [6 Books]

By Paradigm Research

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Essay-driven discussions of huge bodies of philosophy. As a review of the basics and as your study partner while reading the original works, you'll find them a perfect balance of rudiment and detail.

Contractual Justice (78 pages)

Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Narveson and Rousseau. Sample case: “that violent revolution is justified as response to political oppression.”

Distributive Justice (79 pages)

Rawls and his critics Nozick and Sandel. Sample case: “that government provision of welfare to the poor ought to be valued above individual economic freedoms.”

Rights and Equality (90 pages)

Non-contractual theories of rights from the classic Mill to modern treatments from Hayek, Feinberg, Shue's theories of human rights and Critical Race Theory. Sample case: “that individual expressive freedoms ought to be limited by a concern for cultural sensitivity.”

Deontology (72 pages)

Kant’s morals and politics of his moral thought and Gewirth's that closely resemble Kant's. Sample case: “that the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.”

Utilitarianism (78 pages)

Classic works of Bentham and Mill and the modern work of Singer. Sample case “that the possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.”

Democratic Thought (79 pages)

The Federalists, De Tocqueville, and pluralist democrats (e.g. Dahl) versus critics of pluralism (e.g. Schattschneider). Sample case: “that mandatory term limitations for US legislators are justified.”

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