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Paradigm Research PF Topic Analysis March 2019

By Paradigm Research

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Approximately 45 pages each

We’re committed to Public Forum debate. Public Forum debate is an exciting event for us. It’s already become a major player in the debate community and the future is very bright. Our commitment to Public Forum debate is complete and compelling. We take this event seriously and our research shows this on every monthly topic. We don’t waste time. When a new Public Forum topic is announced, you can’t afford to waste time wondering what will happen. You’ve only got a few weeks to become an expert! We can help you prepare no matter what the topic. Our position papers will brief you on the background of each topic, present insightful commentary on the most compelling positions on both sides, and deliver pointed research that will refine your understanding of the topic and help you prepare winning positions. Our well-known research expertise is brought to bear on Public Forum debate. You can rely on our staff to provide you with an authoritative head start needed to get straight to the heart of each new topic.

Rapid delivery is a Paradigm tradition. Each topic position paper will be released no later than 15 days after the topic announcement. More debate is always good. Public Forum debate is one of our favorites. When you see our research, you’ll know we’re serious!

Analyses available on the following topics:

September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April. 

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