*NEW!* Scared Straight {but, not really…} by Margaret Erickson $35 (Abridged Version)

*NEW!* Scared Straight {but, not really…} by Margaret Erickson $35 (Abridged Version)

By Drama Tree Press

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Since 2002, Drama Tree Press has published award-winning scripts for performers of all ability levels and audiences of all ages.  Our collections are filled with stories people can relate to, laugh at, and cry over.  They are filled with characters we can cheer for, grow with, and carry within us.  Our titles have been performed all over the country in competition and as full-length shows, have been at the top of many national and statewide tournaments, and in many cases are much more than 10-minute cuttings.  Rather, in our literature,  you will see shows that allow for no two cuttings to be the same.  One constant with our literature is the use of flashbacks and narration to create complete stories.  

Scared Straight {but, not really…} by Margaret Erickson $35 (Abridged Version)

Can be played as an HI or a DUO

Meet Cindy- Cindy’s a single mom who has let the internet babysit her daughter for too long.  Meet Missy, Missy’s an internet addict whose exploration of things like syphilis has caused her mom to try and scare her straight.  Cindy does so by telling some real page turning stories. Along the way we meet young Hazel- who might wind up on an Only Fans site, Karen- who is a real life Karen, and grandma- whose penchant for not returning her shopping carts is being taken on as she tries to get to the Capitol for a rally.  These 3 stories have hilarious significance to the time we live in.

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