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Thoroughbred Theory Blocks

By Paradigm Research

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Thoroughbred Theory Blocks

160 pages

Your all-in-one policy debate theory resource is the perfect reference for all CX debaters. All CX debaters have to become comfortable with the theoretical foundations of the activity to be truly competitive. This is when our insight into policy debate theory is most valuable. The Thoroughbred Theory Blocks presents a catalog of theory briefs that cover both sides of nearly every theory controversy with concise positions and extensions. As a reference, or as a classroom teaching tool, this is a resource that will serve you well this season - and every season. Ready to use blocks with answers to most popular theory questions.


- TOPICALITY (Standards, Impacts, Justification, and more),

- FIAT (General Theory, Affirmative Fiat, Negative Fiat, and more),

- CONDITIONALITY (Use and defense on the Affirmative and Negative),

- TRADITIONAL STOCK ISSUES (Significance, Risk, Solvency),


Once you get a good dictionary - get the Thoroughbred Theory Blocks.

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