Z-LD by DB8 2010-2011 Subscription

Z-LD by DB8 2010-2011 Subscription

By DB8 Zone

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Want the most comprehensive and creative Lincoln-Douglas debate brief on the market? Get Z-LD. 

Each issue is packed with over 25 pages of creative topic analysis, 60 strategically selected pieces of evidence and the best samples cases that are all designed to make you a more competitive debater. Z-LD is simply as good as it gets. Don’t make the mistake of walking into a round without them.


• Always have Z-LD. Briefs written for every official Lincoln-Douglas NFL topic and the NCFL National Tournament. 

• Fantastic Evidence. The best in the business. 30 cards per side strategically selected to support the best cases 

• Comprehensive Analysis. Not just evidence! 25-30 pages of extensive topic analysis with every brief. 

• SAMPLE CASES! One case per side in every issue. 

• Lightning-Fast Publication. 

• Easy Delivery! Every issue will be sent to you via email upon publication.

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