• http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/2016-ncfl-lincoln-douglas-briefs
    NCFL Grand Nationals Lincoln Douglas Debate Briefs

    Resolved: In a just democracy, elections for public office should be solely financed through public funding.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/2016-ncfl-public-forum-debate-briefs
    NCFL Grand Naitonals Public Forum Debate Briefs

    Resolved: Human genetic engineering should be banned.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/2015-16-new-interp-scripts
    Fresh Interp Scripts for the Second Half of the Season

    With scripts from Mushroom Cloud Press, Tibetan Treefrog Publishing, The Monologue Project, and SpeechGeek, you're sure to find the right selection.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/nsda-16-nationals-ld-briefs
    NSDA Nationals Lincoln-Douglas Debate Briefs

    Resolved: Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/nsda-2016-nationals-public-forum-pf-briefs
    NSDA Nationals Public Forum Debate Briefs

    Resolved: On balance, a one-day national primary would be more beneficial for the United States than our current presidential primary process.

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