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    Public Forum Debate Subscriptions

    Save time and money by subscribing to our Public Forum Debate brief subscriptions. Pre-order now for the 2015-16 season and receive e-mail notifications when your items are available for digital download.

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    Lincoln Douglas Debate Subscriptions

    Our Lincoln Douglas Debate brief subscriptions allow you to keep up to date with the topics via digital download e-mails. Pre-order now to prepare for the 2015-16 season.

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    Retire Old Scripts

    Start the 2015-16 season off right with new interp scripts! Stay tuned as we share updates from vendors like The Monologue Project, Mushroom Cloud Press, Tibetan Treefrog Publishing, and of course, SpeechGeek!

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    Extemp Central

    Each week, Extemp Central brings you practice questions, news quizzes, and the best extemp analysis and commentary. For only $25, a Premium Subscription to Extemp Central will provide you with a season's worth of exclusive content, insights and strategy.

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