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    April 2014 Public Forum Briefs

    Resolved: Prioritizing economic development over environmental protection is in the best interest of the people of India.

  • http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-sort-of-homecoming-starring-laura-marano
    A Sort of Homecoming

    This coming of age drama tells the story of a young woman's life-changing pursuit of a national debate championship. It stars Laura Marano, Parker Mack, Katherine McNamara, Michelle Clunie and Kathleen Wilhoite. The independent feature film recently finished production and is raising funds for marketing and distribution.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/pages/prepd
    Prepd is Powerful Software for Modern Extemp!

    Extemporaneous Speaking has come a long way from the days of cutting and pasting newspaper articles. Fortunately, a digital solution now exists for all things Extemp.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/march-april-2014-lincoln-douglas-ld-briefs
    March/April 2014 Lincoln Douglas Briefs

    Resolved: Placing political conditions on humanitarian aid to foreign countries is unjust.

  • http://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/new-template/products/speechgeek-presents-female-female-duos-vol-4
    Available Now! -- Female/Female Duos Vol.4

    We're excited to present our newest collection of duos designed to showcase the talents of female performers. Click to read the synopses, preview the scripts, and purchase your copy.

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