Supplemental Debate Resolutions Round-by-Round Breakdown

Posted on June 10, 2012 by Corey Alderdice

The National Forensic League (via the online National Tournament program) has announced the round-by-round order for resolutions in Supplemental Debate.  You can read the full list below.

Remember, competitors are at the National Tournament to compete in their main event, but that certainly doesn't diminish a national championship in a Supplemental or Consolation event!  SpeechGeek Market is here to help you plan for Supplemental Debate with a brief from BidRoundBriefs!

Supplemental Debate resolutions

Round 1 The U.S. should provide military aid to Syrian opposition forces.

Round 2 Government regulation of obesity is in the best interest of the people.

Round 3 The U.S. tax code should abandon the existing deductions for charitable giving.

Round 4 Race and gender preference policies are a necessary tool for colleges and universities.

Round 5 Congress should prohibit dual citizenship.

Round 6 Parent trigger laws are good for education.

Round 7 The U.S. should provide financial assistance to the Eurozone.

Round 8 The U.S. military should be involved in the War on Drugs.

Round 9 States should have the authority to enforce immigration matters.

Round 10 Prisons should be permitted to use suspicionless strip searches of those arrested for any offense.

Round 11 Law enforcement officials should be permitted to use GPS tracking devices to monitor suspects without a search warrant.

Round 12 The U.S. government’s TV indecency enforcement policies regarding profanity and sexual content violated the free speech rights of broadcasters.

Round 13 (if necessary) The U.N. should admit Palestine as a full member state.

Finals Congress should extend the current interest rates on Federal student loans.

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