• https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/nsda-nationals-2017-lincoln-douglas-ld-briefs
    NSDA LD Briefs

    Resolved: A just government ought to prioritize civil liberties over national security.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/nsda-nationals-2017-public-forum-pf-briefs
    NSDA Nationals 2017 Public Forum Debate Briefs

    Resolved: In East Africa, the United States federal government should prioritize its counterterrorism efforts over its humanitarian assistance.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/ncfl-grand-nationals-2017-lincoln-douglas-ld-briefs
    NCFL Grand Nationals 2017 LD Briefs

    Resolved: The United States ought to replace the Electoral College with a direct national popular vote.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/products/debate-doctors-2016-17-nsda-big-questions-brief
    NSDA 2017 Big Questions Debate Brief

    Resolved: Science leaves no room for free will.

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