• https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/march-april-2024-lincoln-douglas-ld-debate-briefs
    March/April 2024 LD Debate Briefs

    Resolved: The primary objective of the United States criminal justice system ought to be rehabilitation.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/march-2024-public-forum-pf-debate-briefs
    March 2024 PF Debate Briefs

    Resolved: The United States federal government should repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/april-2024-public-forum-pf-debate-briefs
    April 2024 PF Debate Briefs

    Resolved: The United Nations should abolish permanent membership on its Security Council.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/drama-tree-press
    Welcome Drama Tree Press to the Market!

    Since 2002, Drama Tree Press has published award winning scripts for performers of all ability levels and audiences of all ages. Our collections are filled with stories people can relate to, laugh at, and cry over.

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