• https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/november-december-2019-public-forum-pf-debate-briefs
    November/December 2019 PF Debate Briefs

    Resolved: The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/november-december-2019-lincoln-douglas-ld-briefs
    November/December 2019 LD Debate Briefs

    Resolved: The United States ought to eliminate subsidies for fossil fuels.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/2017-18-fresh-interp-scripts
    New Interp Scripts from SpeechGeek

    Check out the latest oral interpretation scripts ready for a new season of competition.

  • https://speechgeekmarket.com/collections/january-february-2020-lincoln-douglas-ld-debate-briefs
    January/February 2020 LD Debate Briefs

    Resolved: States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.

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