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Tibetan Treefrog Publishing: Duo Interp Package

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Tibetan Treefrog Publishing was created to specifically produce selections for forensic competition. The editions can contain original Prose, Poetry, Humorous/Dramatic pieces, Duets and even Oral Declamation written by our staff. Each edition contains between five to seven pieces. Our staff is comprised of people who have taught and competed at both the national high school and college level. We know what wins! We also understand the importance of finding new material. By purchasing Tibetan Tree Frog materials you will have that edge. Be the one who brings winning pieces to your team. They will thank you for years to come.


Our goal in coming together was to create new and competitive pieces for the forensic circuit. Both coaches and students often struggle to find texts that are not overdone. We also understand that many excellent texts are unable to be cut due to various factors. With dwindling budgets, coaches need to maximize their buying power. We strive to write ready to compete, affordable selections. Some cutting may be necessary for specific event guidelines but all our pieces range from 7 to 15 minutes in length. TTF is dedicated to the production of a quality, product that will give our customers a competitive edge. We will not allow a piece to be published that we are not 100% sure can be a winner. Other companies have sprung up over the years mimicking our approach but you will find when it comes to the heart and soul of what makes a company like this work, writing, no one comes close. Our proven track record at local, state and national tournaments is proof that what we are doing, works.


The DUO Package comes with 18 DUO scripts:

5 Lessons I Learned My 1st Year of Teaching

Appropriate Diet for a Pet

Bad Therapy

Dude Attorney at Law

Dyslexic Dave

Evolution of Manford

Ghetto Blaster

Gone Batty

The Grim Reaper is a Hot Chick

I Love All of Yous

Indian Rap All-Star

Jack in the Box

Learning Along the Way

Mrs. Needy

If I could Script a Date

Surprised We Haven't Met Before

Toilet Paper Ration



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