Instructions for Ordering via School Purchase Order (PO)

SpeechGeek Market gladly accepts orders via school purchase orders (POs) or check.

To begin the process, please download our printable order form at the following link.

1.      Please provide the product quantity, item number, description, unit price, and line total for each item requested. Please note that many items, such as interp scripts, have different options and prices for "Digital Only" and "Digital + Print" orders.

2.      Provide the total costs for all items you are ordering.  

3.      Provide all information requested for billing and shipping purposes. It is extremely important that you provide an email address for delivery of your products.

4.      You may include check or money order as payment for your purchase.  If using a PO, a copy of the document must be included with your order as well as instructions for processing for payment with your local district.  (This is often on the PO.) All credit card orders must be placed online.

5.      For schools using a purchase order or requisition, please include both this form and the PO to 


                We no longer accept orders via FAX.

                By mail:
                248 Arlington Park Dr.
                Hot Springs, AR 71901

6.      Orders are generally processed and shipped/emailed within one week of receipt.  An invoice will generally be sent within 72 hours of receipt. Please ensure payment is received by SpeechGeek within six weeks of the date of invoice.

7.      Questions about oral interpretation materials? Check out our page with information regarding ISBNs, digital and print orders, national organization approval, and more.
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