Champion Briefs

Champion Briefs is a service designed to improve your debate skills and expand your knowledge of every Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas topic. Our briefs are written by National Champions and other nationally renowned debate alumni to ensure that you receive the most focused and relevant information possible. Every brief includes 3-4 insightful topic analyses that provide the most thorough understanding of the topic possible. Additionally, the briefs include hundreds of cards (evidence) to guide you towards creating successful cases and refutation blocks.

We understand that diversity of argumentation is the most valuable resource while in a round. Each of our briefs are compiled by at least 10 writers to ensure that you receive information from diverse perspectives.

While our briefs will help you win more rounds, they’re also designed to help you achieve a deeper understanding of the topic area and debate itself. Becoming a Champion isn’t just about winning; its about becoming an individual who excels at critical thinking, public speaking, and argumentation while positively contributing to the community. Our briefs and other services are here to help you do just that. Visit for more information!

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