Best of Drama Tree Press vol. 1

Best of Drama Tree Press vol. 1

By Drama Tree Press

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Since 2002, Drama Tree Press has published award winning scripts for performers of all ability levels and audiences of all agees.  Our collections are filled with stories people can relate to, laugh at, and cry over.  They are filled with characters we can cheer for, grow with, and carry within us.  Our titles have been performed all over the country in competition and as full length shows, have been at the top of many national and statewide tournaments, and in many cases are much more than 10 minute cuttings.  Rather, in our literature,  you will see shows that allow for no two cuttings to be the same.  One constant with our literature is the use of flashbacks and narration to create complete stories.  

Titles in Each Book:

Best of DTP- 1 (84pgs)- $75

Making Toast Elizabeth McDeJae 

A young lady recounts her life with her deceased friend from beginning until end.  Their relationship reminds us of the importance of moving beyond the petty and investing in the positive.  Award Winning script.  (Cast 2 Females)

Island of Hope Deborah Lynn Hunter 

An elderly woman looks back at her journey to America.  Passing through Ellis Island, she encounters the darker side of immigration and lives to share life's lessons.  She engages her audience with humor and challenges them to critique history. Award winning play! (Cast 1: Female)

Keeping Promises Lee Thomas Williams

A coma patient looks back at his life and relives the series of events that got him where he is today. The piece is given a unique flair as humor instead of hate is used to deal with harsh reality. Award winning play! (Cast: Male)

Rules of Engagement Christopher Owens

Marriage gurus Steve and Sandy Edwards explain how to navigate the rocky waters of marriage in this hilarious look at one of lives greatest mysteries: Husbands and wives. . (Cast 2: 1 male/ 1female)

Holding Hope Allison Steele

A mother and father try and calmly pass the time in the waiting room of a hospital.  As they struggle to understand the tumor that grows in their child’s brain, they reflect on the fragility of life and how they came to be where they are.  (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

The Right Time Christopher Owens

How do you tell your husband that a little one is on the way? There's the right way and the wrong way. Hilarity ensues! See why men can't help putting their foot squarely in their mouth. A piece with great chemistry as well as a balance between laughter and life lessons. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

Because I Love You Grant Matthews

A wife recounts her final days with her deceased husband.  As their story unfolds, we learn that grief grips people in different ways and that the key to handling it, is to allow people to process in ways that are healthy for them. . (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

My Story Emily Moore

Playwright Emily Moore tells the story of a child in search of family. A heart wrenching tale of lost love. Award Winning Play!!! Cast: 1 (either)

Precious Moments Anne Snyder 

Two actresses receive the roles of a lifetime. One the role of a cancer patient; the other her friend. Together they make the most of life's precious moments before the curtain falls. (Cast: 2 - Female & Female)

Basic Training Margaret Erickson

Meet Steve and Tom- 2 clowns with zero ability to connect with women.  Sadly- neither of them realizes this.  As Steve attempts to train Tom to be a lady killer, we realize the only things he knows how to kill are- any chance of meeting a soul mate and the moment. (Cast: 2 males)

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