High School Forensic Students to Participate in Florida Senatorial Debate

Posted on October 17, 2012 by Corey Alderdice
Immediately following the October 17th U.S. Senate debate, in which incumbent Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) faces Rep. Connie Mack (R), Nova Southeastern University will be hosting a statewide live webcast show featuring instant analysis and perspective about everything from “who won?” to how the debate may affect voters’ decisions. Sponsored by NSU and Florida Blue, the webcast show will be moderated by Kevin Corke, former White House correspondent for NBC News, and will include interviews with prominent political leaders, journalists, NSU President George Hanbury, representatives from both candidates’ campaigns, and star high school debaters.

It is vital that we promote a healthy dialogue about how to best build a better future for our state and country. As such, we’re looking to high school forensic students to join us online for the live webcast show. By participating through the online portal, high school students will learn about the political process – helping to form the next generation of Florida’s top minds. Top questions and comments from the high school online portal will be presented live on the air and many students will receive prizes for top participation. Also, the online portal presents a great way for Florida speech and debate teachers to provide additional class credit to contributing students.

In an additional effort to interject high school students into the process, the final segment of the post-debate webcast show will feature the analysis of two prominent high school extemporaneous speaking students, Cypress Bay High School’s Isabella Paretti and University School’s Daniel Greene, an addition to an audience filled with 60 local forensic students. The post-debate special webcast will be streamed LIVE for high school students at http://4n6.mobi/TuK2ax and for the general public on most Florida newspaper websites.

For information on the U.S. Senate debate, and where your students can watch it, please visit: http://4n6.mobi/U3PBCd

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DISCUSS THIS: Fantasy Forensics Round - 2012 Election Edition

Posted on September 07, 2012 by Stephanie Alderdice


If you've been following the upcoming presidential election, then the past two weeks have been bursting with noteworthy events. With the Republican and Democratic National Conventions having wrapped up, Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan have been officially nominated by their respective parties. More notable than the nominations, however, were the speeches. 

So we're wondering, what if this were a tournament? I mean, sure, based on Bill Clinton's 49 minute speech, it would be a very, very, long round. But if you were handed a ballot and asked to rank the following six individuals based on the speeches they gave at their respective conventions, who would you award first place? 

Barack Obama
Mitt Romney
Bill Clinton
Paul Ryan
Michelle Obama
Ann Romney

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Image via Hollywood Reporter.

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SpeechGeek Blog v.2.0 – Now With 143% More Awesomeness*!

Posted on August 06, 2012 by Stephanie Alderdice

*DISCLAIMER – We’re just guesstimating on the awesomeness. We don’t have the proper technology to measure units of awesome. Yet.

As seasons change – so do the days of our lives. Goodbye summer, hello school. Everything is new: new classes, new teachers, new tournament season – and a brand new SpeechGeek blog to follow along the way. 

Sure, we’ll still be updating you about fresh new products and merchandise.  But on top of that, we’ll be providing brand-new content to whet your appetite for all things speech and debate. From literature and videos worth watching, information and ideas to use in your events, to thought-provoking discussions about the activity (and maybe some internet silliness as well), we’re taking the SpeechGeek blog up a notch.

Like when someone finally taught you how to do the pen twirl, things are about to look way more awesome.  

Keep checking in!

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Follow Tweets from NFL Nationals with This Handy Page

Posted on June 10, 2012 by Corey Alderdice
Well, friends, it looks like there are three competing hashtags for the 2012 National Forensic League National Tournament in Indianapolis.  If you're tweeting on the ground (and you should be!), we encourage you to use #NFLNats.  However, folks are also using #NFL2012 and #Indy2012.  If you'd like to keep up with will all of the conversations on the ground, use this handy stream below.

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