We're Proud to Welcome Congressional Debate Pro to the Store!

Posted on March 03, 2011 by Corey Alderdice

Congressional Debate Pro

It's an exciting day at DebateChamps.  In addition to the start of a new month, we're pleased to welcome our seventeenth vendor to the store: Congressional Debate Pro.

Congressional Debate Pro provides high-quality briefs, files and other resources for Congressional Debate competitors. 

We're excited about this new vendor because it combines one of our primary products (debate briefs) with an event that requires students to have a lot of information without a lot of time to prepare.  Be sure to check out their full docket analysis for the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament.   

CDP will also release analysis for the NFL National Tournament this June!

Here's how they describe their products and services:

We believe that Congressional Debate or "Congress" is an important forensics activity that prepares participants for real-world situations and teaches students to communicate in persuasive ways. 

We aim to enhance the activity by providing quality materials and evidence to students and coaches to make Congress more accessible and competitive. Our products will enhance your knowledge of the legislation and help you and your students deliver more informed speeches and rebuttals. Whether you are a novice or varsity competitor, Congressional Debate Pro can help you prepare for success.

Josh AGUILAR (Founder) is currently a teacher and debate instructor at McNeil High School in Austin, TX. He has been involved in forensics for the past 9 years as a competitor, assistant coach, and head coach. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Texas.

Learn more about Congressional Debate Pro in the DebateChamps Store!

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