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SpeechGeek is proud to present a brand new product designed to welcome newcomers to the world of competitive speech.

From the start of the first team meeting to the end of the first awards ceremony, there are a lot ideas, terms, and events circulating at a typical speech tournament. To the uninitiated, forensics can be a bit overwhelming. SpeechGeek is here to help.

We've created a PowerPoint presentation designed to serve as an orientation for new students and volunteer judges. The slides walk through an explanation of what forensics is, what to expect at a tournament, basic terminology, tips on writing ballots, and event descriptions based on rules established by the National Forensics League. The presentation can be used during a team meeting or distributed digitally for students or prospective judges to review at their own time.

For only ten dollars, you'll receive the original PowerPoint presentation and free updated versions as we refine the presentation. Much like a smartphone app, we'll send updates to customers who have already purchased the slides.

With 80 colorful slides, this PowerPoint focuses on providing introductory information on individual events such as oral interpretation, public speaking, and limited preparation speaking.

Version 1.1 Includes:

- Introduction to Forensics
  Who we are, what we do, and why there are no cadavers.

- What to Expect at a Forensics Tournament
  Important information for first time speakers and judges.

- During the Round
  Learn about how a typical round is run, cross-entering, and time signals.

- Writing Ballots
  Some tips and terms to consider.

- Event Descriptions and Rules
  Event descriptions for the interpretive, speaking, and limited preparation events as outlined by the National Forensic League.

See additional images for the complete table of contents.

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