is a new endeavor of two dedicated debate coaches, teachers, and researchers. We have decades of experience on the national circuit of Policy Debate at the high school and collegiate levels. On top of our own competitive success as Policy Debaters, we have consistently taught some of the brightest and most successful debaters in the nation, and we have had the fortune of working with some of the best coaches around. Over the past few years, we have both transitioned to focus much of our coaching on Public Forum Debate. We are dedicated to the continued growth of the event, both in terms of participants and quality of argument, while maintaining the original design envisioned by the National Forensic League.

We are committed to providing high quality resources designed to assist Public Forum Debaters across the country, regardless of region. After all, Public Forum was meant to be an event that could reach the general public. While that may shape your choice of arguments, it shouldn't mean your topic knowledge should be limited in any significant way. We believe this approach will be useful for regional and national circuit debaters, and we expect to influence the style and quality of arguments in PF Debate.

In a time when PF is the fastest growing debate event in many parts of the country, we believe debaters continue to become more competitive. Public Forum Debate should include the highest quality argument and evidence AND should be accessible by anyone. We are both disappointed with many of the current online offerings, and we hope to push the envelope with regard to the quality of evidence produced for and read by PF debaters across the country. You don't deserve anything less. 

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