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What You See Ain’t What You Get A Poetry Program Starter by Tiembé Maboola

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This collection of poetry is intended to peel back the way assumptions color our interactions; what we see and what we think we see are often very different. Through exploring the emotions of attraction and alienation, each of these poems offer a different perspective on what it means to judge a situation or a person based on looks alone. Acknowledging the limitations of our perceptions is the first step to improving how we understand, relate, and connect to each other. The voices in these poems are intended to showcase different points of view and a variety of cultural and racial backgrounds. The conversation on race is such a volatile subject that one point of view seemed inappropriate. However, if the student prefers to speak from one ethnic vantage point, pronouns may be changed to suit the speaker’s intention.

Poetry Interpretation

ISBN:  978-1-61387-304-5


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