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(extra)ordinary, (un)usual Volume 1

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(extra)ordinary, (un)usual Volume I is a collection of monologues written by internationally-renowned playwright Pete Malicki. They time in at 10 minutes and are suitable for Dramatic Interpretation or Humorous Interpretation events in forensics competitions.

These pieces have been staged in over 200 productions worldwide and have won more than a dozen major awards. As well as being performed in numerous speech and debate tournaments, they have been staged on the West End and in the Edinburgh Fringe.
Three of the pieces are gender neutral and the other three can easily be changed with minimal adaptation.
Stage directions are kept to an absolute minimum to allow for a broad interpretation by the performer.
ISBN: 978-1-61387-066-2

Cry For Me
Humor/Drama – Female
Alicia has a most unusual job – a funeral crier. Once she starts her routine, the congregation will be moaning and weeping in no time. But there are dangers involved.
Darkest Moment 
Drama - Female
Jilly is cursed. Whenever she touches someone for the first time, she becomes them at their darkest moment. A thrilling tale with dramatic twists and turns along the way.
Screams And Whispers
Comedy – Male/Female
Ever wondered what it would be like to talk to animals? Ever thought you might have trouble understanding what they’re saying? A comedy for a versatile vocal performer!
Shallow, Quick 
Drama – Male/Female
The adventures of a young person suffering from crippling anxiety. Stranger danger, public transport and Lindt dark chocolate.
The Devil’s Aftershave 
Drama – Male
The story of a man with an incredible sense of smell and the last day of his freedom.
The Flowers
Comedy – Male/Female
Everyone in Sam’s life seems to be going to Heaven in this blacker-than-black comedy. Can the town death magnet grow some flowers?

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