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With the wealth of speech and debate websites available, it’s often hard to keep up-to-date on all the latest news, results, and commentary. SpeechGeek is excited to share the 4n6 app for mobile phones! The app is a free download available in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Android Market.

Combining news and social content from the most popular forensics websites, 4n6 is the one-stop resource for high school speech and debate. News, tweets, and other social content is just a tap away. We are proud to partner with websites such as PFDebate, Victory Briefs Daily, Global Debate, The National Forensic League, Extemp Central, Forensics Community, The Forensics Posting Weekly, and RupeScholars.org to provide you with a tool for easy access to the best forensics content online.

We encourage users who also tweet to use the #4n6 hashtag in forensics-related tweets.  This helps to build a community of users and participants in the forensics discussion.

From your first prep to the final round at Nationals, 4n6 is the app for the true Speech Geek!

4n6 Timer

SpeechGeek is proud to introduce the our latest coaching resource for high school and college speech teams: the 4n6 Timer. This app moves beyond the functions of a basic stopwatch to help coaches and competitors better understand time allocation.  The app is a free download available in the Apple iTunes App Store.  We are exploring the possibility of an Android version in the future.

Version 1.0 of this app includes the ability to track Original Oratory, Extemporaenous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, and Oral Interp. Additional events are planned for future releases.

-- Track time allocation across a speech
-- On screen guide to parts of speech
-- View "coach Assist" report on time allocation
-- Email report

Speeches Supported:
-- Original Oratory (10 min.)
-- Extemporaneous Speaking (7 min., 3 point structure)
-- Impromptu Speaking (7 minutes total with prep, 2x2 structure)
-- Oral Interpretation (10 min.)

Is there an event, speech structure, or time format you'd like to see?  Send us an email at timer@speechgeek.com!  v2.0 will include new formats to best meet our users needs.