New for 2015-16: More SpeechGeek Singles

SpeechGeek has had a fairly consistent publication style. Every time we release a new issue in the fall, winter (or spring/nationals), we've bundled five pieces together to make them available for purchase. This was primarily a cost/time saving measure for our site.

But the one thing we've found is that sometimes, folks just want one particular script.

So for 2015-16, we're trying something new. In addition to a handful of single scripts we've had in the store before, we're making some older publications newly available as singles, and we're publishing new scripts as both singles and 5-script issues. If we've got a great script we think you'll like, we can put it up as a single to download sooner -- then bundle it as part of an issue later.

If a single issue script appears in another issue, we've noted it on the product page. BUT, we know accidents happen with a new transition. So if you happened to order a single issue in September 2015 of a script you already had purchased from us, just send us an e-mail at thegeek(at)speechgeek(dot)com with your order number and we'll find a way to work things out.

Check out our SpeechGeek Singles.