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Powerful software for modern Extemp!

Extemporaneous Speaking has come a long way from the days of cutting and pasting newspaper articles. Recent rule changes by the National Forensic League and many local circuits present an exciting opportunity: Merging the powers of the World Wide Web with Extemp!

But until now, that potential has not been realized. Debate programs have struggled using different technologies that were never built for Extemp. Fortunately, a digital solution now exists for all things Extemp.

About Prepd:

  • Prepd is software built specifically for extemp.
  • For extempers, Prepd makes it easy to research, practice, and compete.
  • For coaches, Prepd helps manage and instruct teams.
  • Built by extempers, for extempers, Prepd is truly unique!

Benefits of Prepd:

  • Faster research – saving articles is so quick and easy with Prepd!
  • Better research – “CleanText” and the “Highlighter” make reading and studying articles fun!
  • Efficient time management – The “Round Manager” keeps extempers organized while drafting speeches in round!

What can Prepd do?

  • Catch – Easily capture articles from the web and save them to folders.
  • Clean – Articles are “cleaned” to display their main content.
  • Highlight – Graphically highlight important article content!
  • Organize – Folders can be easily filtered, organized, and edited.
  • Favorite – Mark important articles as favorites for easy access.
  • Round – Create a “round” to easily navigate among articles while competing.

How does Prepd work?

  • Article Catcher – Easily “catch” (or save) articles from the Internet with a web widget that runs on the Google Chrome browser.
  • Dashboard – Access and organize articles and files online, with a simple to use web app. Prepare for rounds with the “Round Manager.”
  • Offline App – Prepd’s offline solution is an application that runs on Google Chrome. The Offline App syncs with the Dashboard to provide offline access to articles.
  • Mobile Apps – For Extempers that use iPads or Android Tablets in draw, Prepd’s mobile apps are for you! Mobile apps are currently available in a private beta.  

What Prepd’s customers have to say:

“I am very impressed with Prepd. The app addresses several issues associated with building and maintaining a competitive extemp digital filing system. The software provides a convenient and intuitive manner for researching articles and organizing files so students can focus more time on giving speeches. The data tracking aspect of the software also provides coaches with better insight for preparing their students for competition. This is a great tool for any extemp program looking for a better way to manage its files.”

Joseph Johnson, Fine Arts Coordinator, Northeast ISD

“Thank you so much for customer service above and beyond the call of duty… My students placed first in extemp in both novice and varsity divisions - and my varsity competitor earned straight ones in every round. They specifically credit Prepd for upping their game. Having Prepd has also motivated them to work harder on filing - now that it's easier to do and clearer to see who is actually completing work, I think they'll be more productive.”

Luana Uluave, Debate Coach, The Waterford School

How much does Prepd cost?

  • Prelims Plan – $20 a month – Up to 10 users on a team, and 500 caught articles a month.
  • Semis Plan – $30 a month – Up to 25 users on a team, and 1,500 caught articles a month.
  • Finals Plan - $40 a month – Unlimited users and unlimited articles a month!

How do I get started?


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