Best of Drama Tree Press vol. 4

Best of Drama Tree Press vol. 4

By Drama Tree Press

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Since 2002, Drama Tree Press has published award winning scripts for performers of all ability levels and audiences of all agees.  Our collections are filled with stories people can relate to, laugh at, and cry over.  They are filled with characters we can cheer for, grow with, and carry within us.  Our titles have been performed all over the country in competition and as full length shows, have been at the top of many national and statewide tournaments, and in many cases are much more than 10 minute cuttings.  Rather, in our literature,  you will see shows that allow for no two cuttings to be the same.  One constant with our literature is the use of flashbacks and narration to create complete stories.  

Titles in Each Book:


Best of DTP- 4 (76 pgs)- $75

Daddy’s Boy Tucker J. Michaels 

Dale, a professional musician, becomes a single father and raises his son, Jackie, on his own. Despite humorous setbacks, he grows to become a fantastic father. When his son's life is taken in a car accident prior to his high school graduation, he does the one thing he knows how to do. At the graduation ceremony, Dale speaks before his son's classmates and teachers and does the one thing he knows how to do. He sings the song he had written as Jackie's graduation present: Jackie's song, "Daddy's Boy". This relationship is heartfelt, sincere, and fully developed. (Cast 2: Male&Male)

Fast Pitch Life Tim Meadows 

A father recounts the complicated relationship he had with his son.  As the father attempts to live vicariously through his son, the son pushes back with a tragic outcome.  (Cast: 2 Males)

Role Model Diane Arthur 

A mother and daughter struggle to uphold the image of themselves as they endure domestic abuse. A sharp twist creates a powerful climax; touching yet challenging. (Cast: 2 - Female & Female)

I Read the News Today Emily Moore 

A chilling monologue confronting the terror that strikes through the daily news. Finally a character who questions society and refuses to accept the easy answers. (Cast 1: Male/Female)

Raising Nostradamus Christopher Dietz 

Some people are made to be parents.  Chris and Kristen are not those people.  As they interview a nanny to take care of their child (Nostradamus) their anxiety repeatedly gets in the way. Contains all of the tools for a hysterical adventure-  Singing, dancing, conspiracy theory, dirty diapers, and vomit (yes vomit).  12 minutes of fun and laughter.  (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

Fade to Black Tucker J. Michaels 

Robert is a middle-aged widower whose wife committed suicide.  Emma is daddy’s little girl.  However, her trust in her father comes into question after learning of the true reason for her deafness. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

TS Bobby Collins

Jeanie is a determined theatre student who meets Jarod, a thespian of a similar nature; except for his Tourette's Syndrome. This examination of TS gives an accurate picture of the altered lifestyle that those who suffer from it lead. It deals with the larger picture of societal illnesses and the barrage of feelings that come with medication, solitude, and fear. This duet skips the typical romantic ending and strives to stay true to the challenge and adversity of the situation.   (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)


Astro 69 Grant Matthews 

Two college students searching for answers in the stars find companionship in each other. Through their friendship we are reminded how fragile life is and how little time we truly have to enjoy it. Award Winning Play!   .. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

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