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Code Broken by Olivia Cline

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Set in post-WWII Britain, two unlikely heroes revisit the ghosts of the famous Bletchley Park: the site of allied forces code breaking operations. History has made their story invisible, but it cannot erase their impact on the world.

While our traditional view of WWII is one of a war fought by men with tanks, U-boats, and bombs, there is another side to history. The women who contributed to military intelligence played a crucial role in winning battles, intercepting information, and breaking top secret Nazi codes. And no mission was more secret or more important in 1940’s Britain than Bletchley Park. Hundreds of women worked tirelessly as code breakers to decipher Nazi messages and save lives. However, at war’s end, these heroic women were sworn to secrecy, only allowed to reveal their involvement 30 years after the fact. Playwright Olivia Cline attempts to decipher the contributions and costs of their silent legacy asking the question: if history erases someone, can we still appreciate their contribution? Code Broken by Olivia Cline, based on the BBC interviews of Fiona Bruce.

F/F Duo Interpretation 

ISBN:  978-1-61387-117-1


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