Drama Tree Press: Perfect Match

Drama Tree Press: Perfect Match

By Drama Tree Press

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Since 2002, Drama Tree Press has published award winning scripts for performers of all ability levels and audiences of all agees.  Our collections are filled with stories people can relate to, laugh at, and cry over.  They are filled with characters we can cheer for, grow with, and carry within us.  Our titles have been performed all over the country in competition and as full length shows, have been at the top of many national and statewide tournaments, and in many cases are much more than 10 minute cuttings.  Rather, in our literature,  you will see shows that allow for no two cuttings to be the same.  One constant with our literature is the use of flashbacks and narration to create complete stories.  

Titles in Each Book:

Perfect Match: $95

Basic Training Margaret Erickson 

Meet Steve and Tom- 2 clowns with zero ability to connect with women.  Sadly- neither of them realizes this.  As Steve attempts to train Tom to be a lady killer, we realize the only things he knows how to kill are- any chance of meeting a soul mate and the moment. (Cast: 2 males)

Perfect Rachel Christopher 

Join Matt and Brooke as they prepare for their wedding.  This hysterical look at the entirety of their relationship (from the time they met until their wedding day) take us on a journey of teeter totter promises, years of stalking, and one extremely big misunderstanding- Matt’s really not gay after all.  (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)

Remedial Training Margaret Erickson

They’re at it again.. In a follow-up to Basic Training, we encounter Steve and Tom once again. While the setting has changed and Tom has met the woman of his dreams, the chaos and hilarity remain the same as Steve attempts to train Tom in how to make a good impression with the family. (Cast: 2 males)

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