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(extra)ordinary, (un)usual Volume 2

By The Monologue Project

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(extra)ordinary, (un)usual Volume I is a collection of monologues written by internationally-renowned playwright Pete Malicki. They time in at 10 minutes and are suitable for Dramatic Interpretation or Humorous Interpretation events in forensics competitions.

These pieces have been staged in over 200 productions worldwide and have won more than a dozen major awards. As well as being performed in numerous speech and debate tournaments, they have been staged on the West End and in the Edinburgh Fringe.
Three of the pieces are gender neutral and the other three can easily be changed with minimal adaptation.
Stage directions are kept to an absolute minimum to allow for a broad interpretation by the performer.

A Psychopath
Drama – Male
Killing someone wasn’t exactly on Mark Theo Carter’s things-to-do list but, you know, the
right situation crops up and you never know what might happen…
Captain Everything
Humor/Drama - Male
Captain Everything is all kinds of superheroes rolled into one. The Bad Man has taken
Princess Prettyface and he’s on a quest to rescue her.
Humor/Drama - Female
Corinne works a minimum wage job as a cashier in a major supermarket chain. She’s worked her way up and she’s happy with her station in life. But when technology threatens her job, she yearns to break the mold.
Cogs In Something Bigger
Drama – Female
A young woman finds herself an overnight celebrity when she gets a record deal. She quickly learns that those famous people she’s always seen in the magazines are nothing but pieces in a game someone else is playing.
"My Name Is Steve" "Hi Steve"
Humor – Male
An addiction addict.
Comedy – Female
OMG lollerskates! Ro-Wanda is comin’ to get ya! How to be an internet sensation.
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