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Interp Script House -- Pack 2

By Interp Script House

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ISBN 978-61387-095-2

A Humorous Duet (Male/Female)

Two self-proclaimed geniuses review their moronic plot for financial success and how to fix the world's problems.

A Humorous Duet (Female/Female)

After bashing her favorite author over the head with a can of vegetables, Deb is ready to force her favorite author Joanna to write the world's best novel staring Deb.

The Perfect Marriage
A Humorous Interpretation (Either)

A renegade marriage counselor expresses her pointed views on marriage by lashing out at her fragile clients.

Happy Camp
A Humorous Interpretation (Either)

Two money-hungry camp counselors try to take a sad group of children and yell some happiness into them, but after a quarrel over one of their brightest pupils the two clash in battle leaving the children to fend for themselves.


A Dramatic Duo (Female/Female) 

A mentally challenged young girl, Ellie, tries on a dress with her caring older sister Marion for her mother's wedding.  The two challenge the limitations that society imposes on them and the boundaries they've placed on themselves.
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