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Interp Script House -- Pack 6

By Interp Script House

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ISBN 978-61387-500-1

Reading The Cards- A Humorous Duo

A phony psychic and gullible homebody duel it out in this wild comedy.  After the psychic starts to go through an ethical crisis, only the cards can tell what the future holds for the pair.

The Pugnacious Adventures of Bates the Pug- A Humorous Interpretation

A pugnacious pug goes on a wild chase after a villainous duck named Donnie and a cast of kooky characters try to ruin Bates' day while his owners are out.

Wanda Washburn and the Slaughterhouse Factory- Group Interpretation

A dark parody of the popular book Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl, Wanda Washburn gives away five severed fingers to five lucky children that eat her meat products.  After a dangerous tour, little Charlene learns the real reason Wanda set the tour up to begin with.

The Gay Agenda!- A Humorous Interpretation

A parody of 1940s propaganda films depicting homosexuality as destroying America.  A fun challenging script for a mature performer.

Whatever Happened to Diaper Ann?

A play on the thriller classic Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  Exploring the lives of two sisters that are former actresses, one of which has no talent and whose dreams of restarting her career are as ridiculous as her idea for a pilot starring a businesswoman that wears a diaper on the outside of her pants.

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