SpeechGeek Presents: Junior, Vol. 4

By SpeechGeek

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Quality forensics performance material is often difficult to find. SpeechGeek provides high school coaches and competitors with scripts that are not only challenging, but also of strong literary merit. Each issue of SpeechGeek contains five scripts in a variety of events: prose interpretation, poetry interpretation, humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, and duo interpretation. SpeechGeek’s interp scripts are written by winning authors who know what it takes to make final rounds at all levels of competition.

This special issue of SpeechGeek material includes scripts published in previous editions. All material in this issue has been screened as appropriate for middle school competition.  Though some scripts may contain limited instances of strong language, the themes of the scripts have been selected as well-suited for middle school performances.

Confessions of a Preteen Sidekick by Deanna Markstrom

Humorous Interpretation

Elastic Lad has it all. He has super stretchy super powers that have earned him the job of Super Awesome Guy’s sidekick. The only problem is that life as a tween tends to get in the way of superheroics. His mom asks questions. His dad needs him on time for dinner. Don’t even get him started on homework. This delightful short play explores the reasons superheroes maintain a secret identity. It’s not why you think.

The Prodigy by Richard Shelton

Prose Interpretation

The protagonist of Shelton’s short story is the one of the most famous people on the internet. With a bone disorder limiting his abilities to act like a normal kid, he begins to play the cello. His stellar ability to craft and share music has drawn attention from far and wide. When the music stops, he must find a new rhythm to guide his life.

I’m Waiting by Doug McConnaha

Humorous Interpretation

The eccentric lead of McConnaha’s short play waits (kinda) patently for her mother’s arrival after school. Talking to anyone she can about anything comes to mind, she’s kind of annoying. It’s like Forrest Gump, only without the charming tale of overcoming adversity. This wacky character is perfect for a student ready for a challenge…and ready to have lots of fun.

The Art of Theater by Doug McConnaha

Duo Interpretation

An acting class turns bizarre in this selection from Doug McConnaha. The artistic director of a private school reaches out to his students, and they reach back with enthusiasm. It’s only too bad they’re all terrible actors. This duo will provide both actors with room to perform and stretch their abilities.

The New Girl by Julia Neva

Duo Interpretation

Kimmy Kilgore was one of the country’s top young TV celebrities. After the cancellation of her show, she suffered a fate worse than death: being sent to public school. On her first day as “the new girl” she meets Sarah, who is also new to the school. Though they come from different worlds, the two girls help each other realize that no matter how great our differences are, the commonalities we share mean we are never alone.

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