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SpeechGeek Season Four: Nationals 2007

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Quality forensics performance material is often difficult to find. SpeechGeek provides high school coaches and competitors with scripts that are not only challenging, but also of strong literary merit. Each issue of SpeechGeek contains five scripts in a variety of events: prose interpretation, poetry interpretation, humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, and duo interpretation. SpeechGeek’s interp scripts are written by winning authors who know what it takes to make final rounds at all levels of competition.

Breaking the Water By Lorraine White

Prose Interpretation

“Big fish eat little fish,” expounds the narrator of White’s story. While trying to make ends meet working for a fishing company on the verge on bankruptcy, he navigates the troubled waters of his job and the birth of his second child. A detailed and heartfelt work, this story will wow audiences from start to finish.

Man of Steel By Joseph Conway

Prose Interpretation

John couldn’t cry at his own wife’s funeral. Ever since that day, he’s been working on what his psychiatrist calls his “emotional circuitry.” Conway delivers an emotionally charged experience of using a second traumatic experience to get over the first and taking a life in order to get his own back.

The Shepherd of Chi-town By Doug Osgood

Dramatic Interpretation

By nature, a street performer’s life is an act—an illusion. Osgood tells the story of a young man who was always a performer who wanted nothing more than to entertain his family. When people are laughing they don’t ask questions, they just watch. Life is his stage, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get caught in other people’s dramas.

Wolf By Sara Reinhelt

Duo Interpretation

Andrew isn’t a liar—at least in his mind. He’s more of what you call a purveyor of imaginative fictions. In this thrilling drama, it’s hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction. Audiences will hope to see it again in final rounds just to figure out the twist.

Why I Tutor at the International Center By Grace Bruenderman

Poetry Interpretation

Award-winning poet Grace Bruenderman gives the audience a lesson in her performance piece on teaching and multiculturalism. A master of wordplay and observation, Brunderman’s poems effortlessly share while intriguing audiences.

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