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Where Shadows Dwell by Rhea Markos

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In the Encyclopedia of Feminism, Lisa Tuttle explains that revisionist mythmaking, or the retelling of stories to feature strong female heroines, is crucial to the reinterpretation of how we see women in society. She suggests that for every narrative where the damsel isn’t distressed, we create a stronger sense of equality and further the idea that choice, not gender, as the ultimate determinant of success. In this retelling of the Greek myth of Persephone, the goddess is not helplessly seduced by a pomegranate or the victim of kidnap by the god Hades. Instead she seeks freedom from an oppressive patriarch by learning that even in the darkness there is light. Where Shadows Dwell by Rhea Markos.

Dramatic or Due Interpretation

ISBN:  978-1-61387-305-2



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